the making of...

Het Gele Huis 

“The Yellow House” is an artwork for the senior citizens residence (WZC) Edouard Remy in Leuven, Belgium.

The landmark is a spatial construction with the contours of an open house. The artwork gives a clear identity and image to the new building.

It's not only a nursing home, but also a new ‘home/house’ for the residents. The creation shows us an archetypal image of a house which makes the artwork timeless. This image appeals to all generations, from the older residents to the (grand)children who come to visit and the many students who pass by in the streets..

The artwork is a 3-dimensional view of a house with an open door. Therefore it opens a fascinating image from whichever side you approach it. Moreover, the work also invites you to sit down and take a rest; the door also functions as a bench. In this way the artwork not only stimulates the interaction of the residents with their new homes, but also with visitors and passer-by.

The suggestive line of the spatial image invites the viewer to give his own interpretation. The framework of the house invites us to fill it with our personal stories, ideas of a 'home' and our memories.

Why yellow? Yellow marks out the image from its environment. The warm yellow makes us feel happy, makes us feel welcome and invites us to sit down and share our stories.

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